Manager of Diner Cancels This Woman’s Job Interview Via Text After Finding Out She’s Pregnant, So Responds With This.

Lindsey Belanger is pregnant. For her, that means she’ll have to pick up some part-time work to help her boyfriend pay their bills in preparation for their newest family member.

Lindsey has been working diligently to find a solid job opportunity, but it hasn’t been easy. She likes to be up-front with potential employers about her pregnancy in case any scheduling conflicts arise with her health and/or doctor’s appointments.

She recently applied for a position at a family diner in Calgary, Canada. One of the employees responded back to her in a Facebook message, hoping to confirm a 9:15 a.m. interview. Lindsey promptly confirmed the date and time, then sent the following text as a show of honesty and common courtesy:

“I just wanted to let you know I am pregnant. Incase [sic] you haven’t taken a look at my profile and seen, I have been struggling to find someone to hire me pregnant not many places want to but I will put in the work and be there when needed!”

“Is that ok?”

But the mom-to-be couldn’t believe the answer she got from the employee:

“No. Thank you.”

Lindsey was shocked when her interview was abruptly canceled once she revealed her pregnancy. Her boyfriend was so outraged that he posted screenshots of the text exchange on Facebook — and it sparked a public backlash against the diner. “A working parent is going to work 10 times harder than a 16-year-old kid who is going to call out on a Friday night and go party,” Lindsay said.

But then came another surprising digital exchange. Once the restaurant saw the text messages had been shared online, and the angry comments they received as a result, Lindsay says the staff took some retribution of their own…

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